Inspections that Minimize our Risk

Saini & Seiki Offers pre shipment Inspection to all our buyers at seller’s Warehouse

Why Inspection ?

Saini & Seiki recommend compulsory Inspection to all our customers before shipment of the Machines that Maintain Uniform Quality Standards for the verification of the quality and the quantity, Pre shipment inspection activities shall be carried out in a non-discriminatory manner. The procedures and criteria employed in the conduct of these activities should be objective and applied on an equal basis to all importers affected by such activities.

Because Governments of India require pre-shipment inspections (PSI). Inspection of imports at the point of supply is mainly designed to protect the interests of the buyers in the international purchasing process. A pre-shipment inspection includes: Physical identification of the goods in the country of supply/export to ensure that the goods are in accordance with the description declared by the exporter.

Supplier must provide invitation to the customer.

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